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SAXON – `Hell, Fire And Damnation` – Neuer Titeltrack im Video

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„The mighty SAXON“ stellen gerade ihren ersten Song `Hell, Fire And Damnation` von ihrem nächsten Longplayer vor. Der Song zu dem ein Video online gegangen ist, ist auch gleichzeitig der Titeltrack des am 24. Januar 2024 kommenden Albums der NWOBHM Legende.

 Biff Byford, erklärt zum Titel:

“I’ve had that saying in my head since I was a small boy because my dad used to say it when he was upset. He used to say, ‘Hell, fire, and damnation, what’s tha’ been doing now?!’ when I was ‘messing up his cabbage patch’ or carving things into the kitchen table. It was a very ‘Yorkshire’ saying back in the day.” The title track unleashed today is a superlative British Heavy Metal classic exploring the juxtaposition between good and evil.”

und fährt fort:

“There’s so much music out there about hell and the devil and the occult that I just thought it’s about time somebody wrote one about the battle just between good and evil! You can’t sing about the devil without singing about the good guy either, and the song basically says ‘make your choice’. We all have to make the choice, are we evil or are we good? The song’s about that fight.”





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