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SANGUISUGABOGG – Feiern `Face Ripped Off` Videopremiere

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Die Death Metaller SANGUISUGABOGG veröffentlichen am 03. Februar ihr Album „Homicidal Ecstasy“. Davon stellen sie heute den Song `Face Ripped Off` im Musikvideo vor, in dem sie den Titel recht wörtlich nehmen.





You’re dead

As the knife goes

Through your jawbone

I’m carving at your flesh

Blood is spilling

Your skin is peeling

I’ll wear you like a mask

As I’m cutting

Your tears are running

I wipe them from your eyes

Your times coming

No surviving

It’s fate you have to die


Your inner beauty

It grabs and moves me

Remove your outer shell

Your inner beauty

I scalp the hairpiece

And give it one last smell

Lidless eyeballs

Watch its skin fall

Riding out their pain

Flesh exposing

It’s indulging

You’re without a face


Your body lays on me

I gently caress you as I tear your flesh

Your pity has worn me down until your blood fills our bath

Gore immersed my body

I hold you close to me by your skinned flesh

I can feel your heartbeat

Fail inside of my hands


Bleed on me

My flesh suit gets stained

By your blood


Life ending

Admiring but we are not done


You slowly die on me

I will cherish every moment spent

Your life ending is the only satisfaction we share