You are currently viewing SABATON – überraschen mit `Father´ Single und neuer EP!

SABATON – überraschen mit `Father´ Single und neuer EP!

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Zum Wochenende überraschen SABATON ihre Fanschar mit einem großen Knall und veröffentlichen als Surprise Release die neue “Weapons Of The Modern Age” EP. Diese ist der erste Teil der neuen „Echoes Of The Great War“ EP Trilogie sein und beinhaltet den brandneuen Song `Father´, den es zudem im Lyricclip für Euch zu hören gibt. Inhaltlich geht es nicht etwa um eine rührende Vater-Sohn-Story, sondern um Fritz Haber, den oft sogenannten „Vater“ der chemischen Kriegsführung.



A long ago in eastern Prussia

Young men with great ambitions rise

So who can tell me who can say for sure

Which one will win the Nobel Prize?


It was a golden age for science

The kaiserreich would hold the key

And as the conflict came and tensions rose

The manifest of the 93


Haber-Bosch, the great alliance

Where’s the contradiction?

Fed the world by ways of science

Sinner or a saint?


Father of toxic gas, and chemical warfare

His dark creation has been revealed

Flow over no man’s land, a poisonous nightmare

A deadly mist on the battlefield


“Perversions of ideals of science”

Lost words of alienated wife

And in the trenches of the western front

Unknowing soldiers pay the price


And on the battlefield they’re dying

And on the fields the crops are grown

So who can tell us what is right or wrong

Maths or morality alone?


During times when there’s peace he belonged to the world

During times when there’s war he belonged to his place of birth


Where, will this lead? What’s coming next?

From your inventions?

We wonder where, where does it end?

Who can foresee, see what will be?