You are currently viewing SABATON – mit nagelneuer Single ‚Christmas Truce‘ im Video

SABATON – mit nagelneuer Single ‚Christmas Truce‘ im Video

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SABATON haben für Anfang des kommenden Jahres die neue Scheibe „The War To End All Wars“ angekündigt. Nun gibt es endlich die erste Single ‚Christmas Truce‘ samt Video daraus. Diese beschäftigt sich thematisch mit dem historischen Weihnachtsfrieden zwischen den deutschen und britischen Truppen in Flandern während des Ersten Weltkriegs im Dezember 1914.

Bassist Pär Sundström über den Song:

„Christmas Truce was our highest priority when we decided to write songs about World War One. Not only was it the most requested topic from our fans, but it was, for us, the most emotional story from the war. This song took us years to create since we wanted the music to reflect the mood honestly and it was a big challenge, but we feel we managed to write a song that captures the spirit of this day, over a century ago.“




Oh, I remember the silence

On a cold winter day

After many months on the battlefield

And we were used to the violence

Then all the cannons went silent

And the snow fell

Voices sang to me from no man’s land


We are all, we are all, we are all, we are all friends


And today we’re all brothers

Tonight we’re all friends

A moment of peace in a war that never ends

Today we’re all brothers

We drink and unite

Now Christmas has arrived and the snow turns the ground white

Hear carols from the trenches, we sing O holy night

Our guns laid to rest among snowflakes

A Christmas in the trenches, a Christmas on the front far from home



Oh I remember the sadness

We were hiding our tears

In a foreign land where we faced our fears

We were soldiers

Carried the war on our shoulders

For our nations

Is that why we bury our friends?


We were all, we were all, we were all, we were all friends


A Christmas on the frontline, we walk among our friends, we don’t think about tomorrow, the battle will commence

When we celebrated Christmas, we thought about our friends, those who never made it home, when the battle had commenced