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S.O.R.M – Old School Heavy Rocker streamen `Crazy` Video

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Die schwedischen Heavy Rocker streamen ihr Video zur zweiten Single `Crazy` vom Debütalbum ”Under My Skin“, das am 25. August die Fans der alten Schule mit einem zur heutigen Zeit passenden Sound ansprechen will.

S.O.R.M erklären:

Crazy is a part 2 of our single ‚Demon Child‘ (2019). And the whole story is how your past can impact on your life in the future and that there’s a story behind every person’s behavior and also, if you just take time to listen when your friend our partner need to talk, you can help that person by just lending them your ear. ‚Hear their story before you judge‘.



Trackliste „Under My Skin“:

  1. Hellride
  2. Shotgun Jonny
  3. Die For My Rock ‚N Roll (feat. Nick Petrino)
  4. Dark World
  5. Too Hot For Your Love
  6. Crazy
  7. Demon Child
  8. In Peace
  9. Ready To Fly
  10. Under My Skin
  11. Crash And Burn