You are currently viewing ROYAL HUNT – `Live Another Day` Video veröffentlicht

ROYAL HUNT – `Live Another Day` Video veröffentlicht

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ROYAL HUNT haben ihre neue Scheibe “Dystopia. Part 2” Ende Oktober veröffentlicht und legen ein Video zur Single `Live Another Day` nach.

Dazu schickt die Band die folgende Message:

“Hello friends! After almost 3 years of nothing else but “Dystopia” we´re happy to let you all hear the second (and final) part of it. We´d also like to use this opportunity to thank our crowdfunders at Royal Hunt Camp 2022 for their tremendous support which made this project possible – you rock!”



You know, I live like there is no tomorrow

no days to grieve or nights to dread

I´m hurtling down the road so bend and narrow

Can´t look around – just straight ahead


Forget the past, its paling fast – I´m free at last


“Go on and live another day

like it´s your last” I heard them say

“Erase – rewind and start anew”

They´re telling you:

“Relive your pain, relive your loss,

and – one more time! – embrace your cross

Go on and live another day”

Is that what they say?


I do recall another world around me

Before the fall – so long ago

A bunch of fools emerged and so profoundly

changed all the rules… the rest you know


What´s done is done, they surely won,

that life is gone… move on


The time has come to bend your knees and pray

You´re on your own, a blurring face of yesterday

Recalling every ghost of everyone you´ve lost

along the way… so far away