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ROSE TATTOO – „Bad Boys“ planen ihr Ende

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Australiens „bad Boys of Rock`n Roll“, ROSE TATTOO, planen das Ende der Band zu ihrem 50 Jubiläum. Sprich im Jahr 2026. Vorher sollen aber noch zumindest eine Tour und ein finales Album aufgenommen werden. Außerdem   sollen noch die ehemaligen Bandmitglieder Stephen ‚Kingy‘ King, Gordon ‚Geordie‘ Leach und Robin Riley zumindest zeitweise wieder in den Schoß der Band zurückkehren.


ROSE TATTOO Kopf Gary “Angry“ Anderson schreibt:

“Brothers and Sisters, so where to start? Well, it may not be common knowledge, as no official release has been made thus far, so here goes,..1976-2026,…come 2026 The Rosie Tatts will be fifty years old as a name and band operating, on and off, over that period of time, so I’m seeing that year as a fitting time to retire dear old Rosie. In keeping with that decision I’m wanting to honour the invaluable contribution of past members by asking them to come back into the line-up for one last go around. Stephen ‚Kingy‘ King, Gordon ‚Geordie‘ Leach and Robin, RRR, Riley will come back for a bow out as we retire Old Rosie. First cab off the rank will be Kingy.

Our beloved brother Mark, will step out to make way for Kingy for our upcoming September Tour dates and the rest of 2024. Mark has been a joy to work with and has made a wonderful contribution to the band’s history, so it is with sadness that we say goodbye to him but there is a saying amongst us that, „Once a Tatt, always a Tatt!“ so Mark will always be with us, in spirit, whenever we take to the stage.

So, there you have it, the end of an era is now in sight, on a lighter note, we are working on new material and we hope to put together a new album soon; it’s been a hellava ride and would not have been possible without you, the faithful, both old and new but as George Harrison so wisely said:- “All things must pass“.

I’ll write more on our plans for the next couple of years later but for now, adios amigos. There is much love in me for you, we cannot thank you all enough for your contribution, for the loyalty and love you have shown us over the years; remember, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.. but I can hear her warming up! – Ango.“


Photo Credit: Sven Bernhardt