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RONNIE ATKINS (Pretty Maids) –’Make It Count’ Premiere

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Pretty Maids Sänger RONNIE ATKINS stellt den Titeltrack seiner zweiten Soloscheibe “Make It Count“ vor, die am 18. März herauskommt. Der Pop-Appeal der Power Ballade ist durchaus gewollt, wie der Sänger erklärt:

„One of these songs that took a slight change during the making of it. Starts out as a ballad really and then later turns into something quite different. Despite the genre that I’ve delved into for the last 40 years, I guess It’s no secret that I’m a big pop fan as well. And one of the bands I grew up with in the ’70s and that always influenced me big time were ABBA and quite frankly, they are some of the greatest songwriters ever in the music industry, if you ask me. So, when Chris Laney [producer] brought up the opportunity to have legendary ABBA guitarist Lasse Wellander playing on this song, there was no way I could resist that. He does a great job and I’m honored to have him playing on one of my songs. Hope you’ll like the song as much as I do….“





From the very day that you were born

You’ve been cast

To play your part

Through light and darkness it’s your destiny

But there is always an open door

A four leaf clover to be found

A spark endowing you with clarity


Cause inside of you there’s something beautiful

Can tell from that look in your eyes

You gotta confide in yourself


Every little moment make it count

Every precious smile you see around

Every wishful dream that may come true

You gotta remember

Every traveled mile just make it count

Every day in life that your allowed

Every ray of light that shines on you


Ablaze yourself before the fire dies out

Take it all in

Your sails are set

There’s no regrets when you’ve passed the line

A fragile journey sometimes an uphill climb

But don’t despair, be you, be there

We’re all just here on borrowed time


In all rainy clouds there’s a silver lining

There’s always a light at the end

And dare to dream my friend




You struggle you strive your whole life through

Sail with your anchor down

Now open your heart expand your view make it count