You are currently viewing RONNIE ATKINS (Pretty Maids) – `I’ve Hurt Myself (By Hurting You)` Track und Video

RONNIE ATKINS (Pretty Maids) – `I’ve Hurt Myself (By Hurting You)` Track und Video

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Eine gute Woche nach dem Release seines neuen Soloalbums „Make It Count“ präsentiert der Pretty Maids Sänger ein neues Video zum Track `I’ve Hurt Myself (By Hurting You)`.



Heaven is falling

Trouble snowballing

Love has been stalling

My heart is still calling for you, you , yeah you

We go through the motions

Our world is imploding

Like withered roses

Caught in a moment of truth, truth, It’s true

Always thought you were one in a million

Always saw you as second to none

I succumb to my own apprehension and come undone

I’ve hurt myself by hurting you

I caused the pain that we’ve been through

I lost my innocence somehow

And it’s all coming back to me now

I broke your heart a time or two

Tore love apart when it felt true

I fooled myself again, got hurt by hurting you

Fraud to perfection

Lies and deception

Accuse and rejection

And now our connection is gone ,it’s gone, long gone

I’m down on my knees

And panic increasing

I’m begging you please girl

Forgive me for what I have done,I’ve done, so wrong

And my words may have been out of proportions

I apologise and I do repent

It was the whisky talking again