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RONNIE ATKINS (Pretty Maids) – Demnächst auch als Solokünstler

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Frontiers Music und der Pretty Maids Shouter haben sich auf einen Solo-Deal geeinigt. Im Moment arbeitet RONNIE ATKINS , trotz seiner Krebserkrankung an einem Soloalbum, das unter dem Titel  „One Shot“ im Frühling  2021 erscheinen soll.


„To be honest, I initially had no intention to do a solo album to begin with, but for various reasons and in particularly my own personal health situation I finally decided to have a crack at it,“ (…) „Around Easter 2020 and only some six weeks after I was told that everything seemingly looked very positive for my health, I was unfortunately diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and told it was incurable, which was devastating news for me. Needless to say, that was a total game changer and I went into kind of a panic situation for a while! But when the dust had settled. I realised there were two ways to approach the situation. I could sit down, accept the facts, and feel pity for myself or I could pull myself up, set some goals, pursue my dreams, and carry on living! And with fantastic back up from my family and true friends, I went for the latter!“

Die Pandemie hat PRETTY MAIDS einen zusätzlichen Strich durch die eigentlichen Pläne gemacht. Deshalb die unvorhergesehene Zeit, die ATKINS jetzt nutzt.

„Well, I couldn’t change the way things were by any means. The whole world was on a lockdown and the future prospects of concerts were very uncertain and still is to this day! Basically, that meant that if I was gonna carry out the idea of a solo album, it had to be now since I don’t necessarily have all the time in the world. I had all these ideas recorded on my iPhone that I felt were too good to never see the light of day and I was writing a lot at the time to help ease my frustrations,“

Hoffen wir, dass alles so klappt wie gewünscht und die gesundheitliche Situation sich wieder verbessert.


Titelfoto: Sven Bernhardt