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RONNIE ATKINS – `If You Can Dream It` von kommender Soloscheibe Nummer drei

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Der jahrzehntelanger Pretty Maids Frontmann  RONNIE ATKINS veröffentlicht heute `If You Can Dream It (You Can Do It)` und damit den zweiten Song seiner dritten Soloscheibe “Trinity“, die am 13. Oktober in den Läden stehen wird. Den Titelsong hatte er bereits vor einem Monat. herausgebrtacht.

RONNIE ATKINS erklärt zum kommenden Album und seiner durch die Krebskrankheit entstandenen Situation:

“I guess I have a different perspective on life these days than I had 4 years ago and I embrace everyday with all that goes with it. Let me add to this that working which in my case is writing songs and performing on stage is what keeps me going I guess. I like to focus on the positive aspects of life and indulge myself in things that I really wanna do by heart.”
“I think the album might have turned out a bit heavier than the previous ones, since most of the songs were written on guitar this time, but above all it’s still very melodic. Lyrically it’s pretty much about what’s going on in the world today and that’s what inspires me. A lot of the songs are pretty personal too and I’m trying to squeeze in a bit of optimism into it as well.”  





Another day another penny in the wishing well

Another aim another blow and you come undone

You seek a miracle you’re pleading for a pinnacle

A shot of fortune you just wanna be someone


But you’re like getting nowhere

You know something better lies ahead


If you can dream it you can do it

You’ll go all the way

You’ll discover a side of yourself you don’t know

If you believe it you’ll go through it

Have a little faith

And you know don’t ever let go never let go


You wan’t the swagger and a flashy personality

You’ve got to delve into your self confidence

What really matters is the power and ability

To resurrect restore and reinvent yourself


Gotta dream with ambition

Be the man for the mission




Don’t set sails without yourself

Be the captain of your soul

Spin the wheel of fortune and let it roll