You are currently viewing ROB DUKES (ex-Exodus) GENERATION KILL enthüllt neuen Track –  ‚Into The Black‘

ROB DUKES (ex-Exodus) GENERATION KILL enthüllt neuen Track – ‚Into The Black‘

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Der ehemalige Exodus Sänger hat schon längst Frieden mit seinem Rauswurf gemacht und bastelt munter weiter an seiner eigenen Thrashband GENERATION KILL, die an diesem Wochenende ihren neuesten Song ‚Into The Black‘ als Video veröffentlicht haben. Wann das angekündigte Album „MKUltra“ erscheint, ist noch unklar. Bis dahin muss erstmal das Video reichen:



From the stars

Here to infiltrate

Counting the stock

Of the human race

Weak minded fool’s turned into slaves

Repeat everything that we say

Divide and conquer

cull out the week

Tireless robots is what we seek

Hopeless denial is what you see

Work till your death you’ll never be free

Poison your water

Poison your food

Poison the airwaves

Deny your truth

You are a victim

Of a vicious plan

We have invaded

The species of man

Hiding in plain sight so hard to see

I am you , you are me

A slave to the grind

You think our thoughts

Would gave you faith we gave you the cross

We give you hope

that horrible lie

You work for nothing

and then you die

All you’ve known

Becomes the past

Into the dirt

Into the black

Deranged and demented

Some will become

Pushed way beyond

The point of no return

You lock them away

In padded cells

Their voiceless cries

Only the walls will hear

Fill the prisons

With those who dissent

Control the meek

With original sin

On their knees

They begin to pray

Who do you think

Brought you the plague

Our reptilian skin

Easy to hide

Faced with the truth

Humans deny

Praise the ignorant

Destroy the wise

All their faith

In an invisible god


Titelfoto: Travis Ilapit