You are currently viewing RISE OF KRONOS – Death Metal mit Groove: `Exit The Light`

RISE OF KRONOS – Death Metal mit Groove: `Exit The Light`

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Die 2021 gegründete deutsche Death plus X Truppe RISE OF KRONOS hat ihr neues Album „Where The Gods Return“ für den 02. August auf den Veröffentlichungsstapel gelegt. Nachdem letzten Monat das leicht groovige `Olympic Warmachine` erschien, folgt jetzt mit `Exit The Light` ein ähnlich gelagertes Exemplar im Midtempo.

Growler und Gitarrist Tom erklärt:

”Exit The Light“ is one of the very first songs we ever wrote. Inspired by bands like Fear Factory and Metallica as well as the German metalcore scene, we wanted to create a song that would get the audience going. Even today, it’s still a highlight to play „Exit The Light“ live and share the energy that the song ignites with our fans.”





Lyrics `Exit The Light`:

Nothing is clear in my mind

Darkness has risen in my eyes


Can’t feel the pain, can’t feel my eyes

No one is save, last breath to take

Cant see my hands, my eyes are blind

My hate rise up, my skin feels dry


Exit the light

Losing my mind

Exit the light

No one will rise


The Atmosphere, I saw the light

Fast breathings in, fast breathing out

Can’t see my hands, my eyes are blind

Close to the edge, to exit light


Exit the light

Losing your mind