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REVOCATION – `Godforsaken´ feiert Videopremiere

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Das US Prog Death Trio veröffentlicht einen energetischen Clip zum Track `Godforsaken´ vom aktuellen Langeisen „Netherheaven“.

Im Januar könnt ihr REVOCATION außerdem zusammen mit Goatwhore, Alluvial und Creeping Death auch hierzulande auf Tour sehen. Die Tourtermine findet ihr hier.



Worshipping at his altar

Hands outstretched in praise

This cult of revelation awaiting the end of days

Looking down from the heavens

Celestial eyes filled with disdain

There will be no ascension for our godforsaken race


A choir of ghouls echoing below

Chanting vile hymns from the depths

The jaws of the dragon open wide

Welcoming you with its fiery breath


No path to salvation in this holy book

Denied the answers you seek

Your tortured screams go unanswered

Your pitiful prayers were too weak


Plague spreads like the fevers of Perinthus

As locust swarm the skies

Civilizations swallowed by cataclysmic floods

Volcanic fissures rupture continents

Plunging all of humanity into lakes of boiling blood


The all-consuming vermillion flame

Devourer of God’s failed creations


Inverted rapture

Rejected spirits heaved into the abyss

Forsaken salvation

Sentenced to the eternal burning pit