You are currently viewing REPENTANCE – `Buried By Fear` Clip vom nächsten Album

REPENTANCE – `Buried By Fear` Clip vom nächsten Album

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Irgendwo zwischen Thrash, Death und Groove befindet sich, der als Lyricvideo veröffentlichte,  REPENTANCE Track `Buried By Fear` vom kommenden zweiten Longplayer,  der in Chicago beheimateten Band. “The Process Of Human Demise“, so der Titel, erscheint, nach der Verlegung nicht mehr im August, sondern erst am 01. September dieses Jahres.

Guitarist Shaun Glass meint:

„When we first started up the early jams of this song I knew it was something special & 100% was going to be a absolute bruiser of a song. Fast forward to June at the return of Milwaukee Metal Fest we debuted the song live for everyone and it was quite the response and for us as well! I can 100% say this track will punch you in the throat but in a good way!“

Adam Gilley fügt Folgendes hinzu:

„Buried by Fear is a smash to the face right from the start. It has the thrash and the groove to keep you moving. The song is about the fear of the unknown, the fear of death. Not knowing what is to be offered on the other side.“



„The Process Of Human Demise“ Trackliste:

  1. Buried By Fear
  2. Withered and Decayed
  3. Reborn
  4. The Process of Human Demise
  5. Empire
  6. Down In the Water
  7. A Future Untold
  8. All the Misery
  9. Light It Up
  10. No Innocence
  11. A Grave For the False Ones
  12. Venom Inside