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REDEMPTION – Prog Metaller offerieren `Seven Minutes From Sunset`

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Die in L.A. beheimateten Prog Metaller REDEMPTION haben ihre neue, vergleichsweise eingängige  Nummer `Seven Minutes From Sunset` auf den Streamingdiensten veröffentlicht. Sie stammt vom achten Studioalbum „I Am The Storm“, das am 17. März 2023 erscheinen wird.

Bandkopf Nicolas van Dyk:

“If I Am The Storm showcases the heaviest aspect of Redemption, Seven Minutes From Sunset showcases a more melodic metal current of prog metal, as Someone Else’s Problem did on our last CD. As for the lyrics…they’re a metaphor. For the listener to decipher.”




I have barely stopped the wounds I have from bleeding

And I’m going back to battle once again

My skin is thickened from the unrelenting beatings

And on more of them I know I can depend


Thinking many steps ahead

Trying to read your mind


There’s a nagging and persistent sense of fatalism

My failure’s all but guaranteed

Still I rally in defense of my position

Hoping that with luck I might succeed


Can I anticipate what’s coming

Enough to save me


Dies have been cast

Outcomes preordained

Still I count it down

Seven minutes from sunset


Head to the breach

The dead will fill the wall

Just more day

Seven minutes from sunset