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REACH – ‘New Frontier’ Single bietet Hardrock plus

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Experimentelles Songwriting ist wohl eine Trademark der Schweden REACH, die sich irgendwo im Hardrock Bereich ansiedeln aber auch stets andere Einflüsse, in diesem Fall Folk, Epic, Pop und klassischen Rock mit in ihre Songs einbauen.

Ludvig Turner,der Sänger, Gitarrist und Songwriter:

”I grew up watching Star Wars, Lord of the Rings,Independence Day – kinds of movies. I absolutely loved them and I still do. I find these epic wars and powerful eve-of-battle speeches strangely inspiring. New Frontier was the last song recorded for The Promise of a Life and it made so much sense that it would be written as the final epos. Put Aragorn on a robotic horse shooting laser beams from his sword and that’s what I see before my eyes when I listen to this chorus! The verses are my speech to the soldiers before the final battle. This is one of the more challenging songs to perform off the album but we look forward to playing this live due to its epicness.”


Photo:Gustaf Sandholm Andersson