You are currently viewing RAVENOUS – Eingängiger Power Thrash aus Kanada im ‚Astral Elixir‘ Lyric Video

RAVENOUS – Eingängiger Power Thrash aus Kanada im ‚Astral Elixir‘ Lyric Video

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Die kanadischen Power Thrasher RAVENOUS rüsten sich für den Release ihres Zwetilings „Hubris“ am 22. Oktober.

Dazu gab es nun die Videopremiere vom Clip zur zweiten Single ‚Astral Elixir‘.

Die Band über ihren neuen Track:

“Astral Elixir was the first song that Jake wrote specifically for the Hubris album. It was a dedicated effort to move Ravenous towards a more technical direction while maintaining the genre-blending influences of power, thrash, and speed metal. The title of Astral Elixir is an homage to some of Jake’s favourite songs: Astral Body (Between the Buried and Me) and Celestial Elixir (Haken), and the choice to make the lyrics spacey and psychedelic with themes of astral projection and ego death was a deliberate juxtaposition to the shreddy, dense music. Take a sip of the Astral Elixir and get lost in the soaring vocals, machine-gun drumming, and bombastic sweep arpeggios”


Track List:
01) Carnage in Carthage
02) Astral Elixir
03) Son of Storms
04) Die 1000 Deaths (Solo von Heinrich Yoshio (Aether Realm))
05) Bridgeburner
06) The Alder Queen ft. Nina Osegueda (A Sound of Thunder)
07) March of Hunger
08) Claw is the Law ft. The Dread Crew of Oddwood
09) Onwards & Upwards ft. Mathias Blad (Falconer)
10) …Of Beasts and Faust ft. Vincent Jones (Aether Realm)