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RAVEN – `Go For The Gold´ Single kündigt neues Album an

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Die NWoBHM Legende aus Newcastle meldet sich krachend zurück und kündigt ihr fünfzehntes Studioalbum „All Hell’s Breaking Loose“ für den 30. Juni an. Das Power Trio bestehend aus den Gallagher Brüdern John und Mark sowie Drummer Mike Heller veröffentlicht außerdem die erste Auskopplung `Go For The Gold´ samt Video.

Leadvokalist/Bassist John Gallagher stellt fest:

“‘Go For The Gold’” is our first single as it really represents the new album mission statement… 100% full on Raven lunacy!!!! If you’ve got an initial great riff, you just build from it, you try not to milk it to death. You want a good structure. You want a good verse with hooks, a good pre-chorus with hooks, a great chorus, and then you want little left turns here and there to spice it up. Otherwise it can sound boring. And if you have too many left turns then it turns into jazz fusion, so it’s a funny line you gotta dance on to have structure but also the chaos part as well.”



1. Medieval
2. Surf The Tsunami
3. Turn Of The Screw
4. All Hell’s Breaking Loose
5. The Far Side
6. Desperate Measures
7. Victory’s Call
8. Edge Of A Nightmare
9. Invasion
10. Go For The Gold