You are currently viewing RADIOACTIVE ft. Jerome Mazza – AOR in ‚Monkey On Our Backs‘ Single und Video

RADIOACTIVE ft. Jerome Mazza – AOR in ‚Monkey On Our Backs‘ Single und Video

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„X.X.X.“, das fünfte Album überhaupt und der erste Output seit 2015 der schwedischen Hardrocker RADIOACTIVE rund um Mastermind und Songwriter Tommy Denander, wird am 11. März erscheinen. Wie bei vorangegangenen Alben wird „X.X.X.“ eine beeindruckende Zahl an Gastsängern featuren. Robin McAuley , Robbie LaBlanc, Jerome Mazza, Clif Magness, Christian Ingebrigtsen, and Daniel Byrne bringen ihre Talente hier ein. Heute gibt es die von Jerome Mazza gesungene erste Single ‚Monkey On Our Backs‘ im Video.

Tommy Denander sagt:

„What a perfect way to celebrate that my Radioactive project is turning 30 by signing a new and very exciting multi-album deal with the great Frontiers label! It’s crazy to think that I recorded the first album „Less Is More“ with Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro, Steve Porcaro, and David Paich as my backing band in Los Angeles way back in 1991. These Radioactive albums have opened so many doors in my almost 40 year long career, and when I see the gold and platinum records on my walls from Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Ricky Martin, Anastasia, Umberto Tozzi, and so many more, I often shake my head and think back to being a kid and starting with music. I wish I could travel back and tell my younger self that all of this would be my future! To celebrate this anniversary I’m going all in to make the best album of my life and I’m more than thrilled about the people involved.”


1. Monkey On Our Backs ft. Jerome Mazza
2. The Deed Is Done ft. Robin McAuley
3. Remember The Ghosts ft. Robbie LaBlanc
4. Written In The Scars ft. Christian Ingebrigtsen
5. If Today Was Your Last Day Alive ft. Jerome Mazza
6. Move It ft. Robin McAuley
7. Youman Unkind ft. Robbie LaBlanc
8. I Have A Dream ft. Jerome Mazza
9. Voodoo Queen ft. Robbie LaBlanc
10. Drag Me Through The Mud ft. Daniel Byrne
11. California Ways ft. Clif Magness