You are currently viewing PROJECTED (Sevendust, Alter Bridge, Tremonti Members) – teilen `Hypoxia` Video

PROJECTED (Sevendust, Alter Bridge, Tremonti Members) – teilen `Hypoxia` Video

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Die Rock/Metal „Supergroup“ präsentiert den Titeltrack vom kommenden „Hypoxia“, das für den 24. Juni geplant und die erste Veröffentlichung des Vierers seit „Ignite My Insanity“ (2017) ist. PROJECTED besteht aus Sevendust Gitarirst John Connolly, Alter Bridge/Creed Drummer Scott Phillips, Sevendust Bassist Vince Hornsby und Tremonti Gitarrist Eric “E-ROCK” Friedman.

John Connolly erklärt:

“We wanted a performance video, but we wanted to strip it down literally to just the band and the song with atmosphere. It was cool to just jam without worrying about anything else. To me, personally, it feels like the most cohesive work we’ve done especially considering it’s the first time we all went in the studio together. That in itself had a huge impact on the songwriting process. And it’s taken some time to finally get released but it feels like we’ve matured quite a bit as a band.”



Why is it every time that I hear you lie

You’ve got nothing to say to make your case

Why is it all the time that I hear you whine

You’ve got no one to blame

You’re sucking out the oxygen

You’re wasting all my oxygen


Talking to you makes my head go numb

Bring on your halfwit

Come on come on with it


Trying to deal with you makes me come undone

Here’s comes some bullshit

Come on come on with it

How do you find a way to spew meaningless hate

You’ve got something to say every day

How can you live this way