You are currently viewing Prog Death Unit CONTRARIAN – `Loss of Phase´ vom kommenden „Demos & Oddities 1995-1999“ Album ist online

Prog Death Unit CONTRARIAN – `Loss of Phase´ vom kommenden „Demos & Oddities 1995-1999“ Album ist online

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Nach ihrer 2014er Debüt EP „Predestined“ und den fünf folgenden Full-Length Alben, zuletzt im März der „Sage of Shekhinah“ Dreher, gehen die US Progressive Death Metal Meister CONTRARIAN back to the roots und bringen am 28 Juli die Compilation „Demos & Oddities: 1995-1999“ heraus. Den instrumentalen, äußerst proggigen, aber kaum deathigen Opener `Loss Of Phase´ gibt es im Visualizer zu hören. Die Single `In Gehenna´ von ihrem aktuellen, fünften Studiolangeisen „Sage of Shekhinah“ gibt es hier für Euch.

Gitarrist Jim Tasikas über das Raritätenalbum:

„As with many other progressive death metal bands in the 90’s such as Death, Pestilence, Atheist, and Cynic; Contrarian also experienced disruptions in continuity from lack of support in the fledgling scene and lack of capable musicians within an innovating genre. Being able to record music during that time was more difficult. Bands commonly recorded demos under different names. Mantas (Death), R.A.V.A.G.E. (Atheist), Portal (Cynic). The same went for Contrarian during these times (Manic). Upon many requests from fans, we have gathered some of these demos in a collection. The 1990s were an amazing time for metal in Rochester, NY as well. It was this time period that spawned bands such as Disgorged(Withered Earth), Buried Beneath(Night Conquers Day), Lethargy(Sulaco/Mastodon) and so many more. Most of these bands recording in the infamous Watchmen Studios in Lockport, NY with Doug White. It was an amazing time, and we hope you enjoy these vintage raw demos with a ‚live feel‘ from around 1995-1999.“



1. Loss of Phase

2. Sine Wave Trails

3. Equilibrium

4. Mosfet Tapestry

5. EMI

6.Infinite Derivatives

7. Analytic Doctrines