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PRIMORDIAL – `Death Holy Death´ Video veröffentlicht

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Der Track `Death Holy Death´ stammt vom aktuellen Langeisen „How It Ends“ und wird von einem eindringlichen Video begleitet. 2024 könnt Ihr die irischen Celtic Pagan Metaller auf verschiedenen Festivals in Deutschland erleben. Die Termine gibt es hier.

Sänger A.A. Nemtheanga ordnet ein:

„Death holy death is a song about martyrdom, sacrifice and giving your life to a higher ideal, I found myself standing watching a religious procession in a small Italian walled medieval city, a movement which had not changed much in 500 years, the city walls draped in the same flags, the same saints, martyrs, knights, queens, kings and demons, weathered and decayed but still standing on the walls and ramparts. The local saint flayed alive in the town square for Heresy and remembered for her devotion half a millenia later. Sacrifice endures. The passion of Joan of Arc (1928) seemed to perfectly fit to the song…..“