You are currently viewing PREDATORY VOID (Lennart Bossu) – Extreme Metal Outfit veröffentlicht `struggling..` Videosingle

PREDATORY VOID (Lennart Bossu) – Extreme Metal Outfit veröffentlicht `struggling..` Videosingle

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Lennart Bossu von Amenra hat eine neue extremere Spielwiese gefunden. Mit PREDATORY VOID veröffentlicht er heute die erste Single `struggling..`. Der Track, verbindet Black Metal, Crust und verzweifelt atmosphärische Klängen. Hören könnt ihr den Song bereits unter dem angegebenen Link.


Das dazugehörige Video geht um 18:00 CET online.



Pressing fingers against your skull

Hearing the slow and cracking sound


This torture,

This madness


Pulling hairs out

Sharp and thin like strings


The grief,

The distress


In the hands of a prophet

They sing: the end is near


Softly caving in

Crumbling in my hand

What used to be a man

Is overdue in debt


A mass of molten flesh

A carcass in decay

A past in human form

That has no right to rise

And ever

Be reborn


You’ve come to listen

Unearth the truth

A weary seeker

Not knowing what to do


Under the light

That empties out your eyes

You looked for warmth

The light is cold and bright



Unpleasant and hostile

Your own existence

Is becoming your exile

The pumping veins in rush

Nails stretching bits of skin

The slaughtering of self

Arising from within


And covering the eyes

Protecting from the dark

Only creates the visions,


So frightening

And vague

And silent…