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POWERWOLF – ‘Reverent Of Rats‘ Clip

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Kurz und gut, POWERWOLF machen weiter in ihrer Serie von Lyricvideos, die den aktuellen Longplayer der erfolgsverwöhnten Power Metaller begleiten.

“Friends, we just uploaded a new lyric video to our channel! Have a great weekend and enjoy „Reverent Of Rats“ from our latest album „Call Of The Wild“!”




reverent of rats bring the mass on to sanctify the night

reverent of rats we confess any sin we can‘t confide

in the sacristy we‘re back with a vengeance

in the monastery wake up the fight

reverent of rats bring the end by the sacrament of light


came by force of heaven, sanc-ti-fy the last combats

he‘s the reverent of rats


saved and fallen, sacrifice the blood of bats

call him reverent of rats


reverent of rats sing chorales to the heavens side by side

reverent of rats, we can run, but tonight we cannot hide

for the anarchy came back in ascendance

on a cemetary gathered at night

reverent of rats read the mass and bring on the final fight


reverent of rats bring the dead to the sacrifice and

reverent of rats sing the words of the sanctified alive