You are currently viewing Post-Rock Doom von METHADONE SKIES – ‘Infected by Friendship‘ Video

Post-Rock Doom von METHADONE SKIES – ‘Infected by Friendship‘ Video

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Auch wenn es sehr friedvoll beginnt, steigert sich der neue und ungewöhnliche Song ‘Infected by Friendship‘ von Rumäniens METHADONE SKIES zum Ende hin doch sehr ordentlich. Der Track, zu dem ihr hier das Video seht, ist Teil des fünften Studioalbums “ Retrofuture Caveman“, das  am 07 Mai Doomer und Post-Rocker gleichermaßen gefallen soll.

Die Band erklärt zur Single:

 „We usually pick a heavy song as an album teaser, but this time we tried something different. We really dug the song right from the beginning of the creation process and it feels more soothing than many others in our catalog. The title obviously references the pandemic, yet we wanted to give the term a positive twist. Music became even more important for people in these complicated times, so we hope it acts as a sonic getaway from the listener’s daily routine.”