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PHASE REVERSE – „Martyr Of The Phase“ Single als Lyricvideo

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Die Southern-Metal-Rocker PHASE REVERSE betiteln ihr neues Album „Phase IV Genocide“, weil es unsere Welt im Hier und Jetzt am besten beschreibt. So weit, so unfröhlich. Ein paar Wochen vor Veröffentlichung des musikalischen Trauerfalls gibt es die neue Single ´Martyr Of The Phase´.

The song’s intro is a minimalistic slow heartbeat-tempo reverse anvil hit, followed by a dirty bass playing the chords and the lead guitars playing a epirotic style pentatonic lick towards the heavy drums sound keeping a slow shuffle funeral march tempo. Takis and Tas sing the two voice melody revealing the “Martyr of the Phase”. The lyrics refer to the phase we call “passing” from life to death and vice versa. Where everything is so relative, time does not exist, our existence balances between different dimensions and our consciousness struggles to free itself from the shackles of matter. And this happens every second…