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PETER CRISS (KISS) – ‚Don’t You Let Me Down‘

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Der Original KISS Drummer PETER CRISS hat ein Wohnzimmer Video gepostet in dem er den Song ‘Don’t You Let Me Down’ von seiner Solo LP aus dem Jahr 1978 singt.

PETER CRISS alias Catman, hat das Video zusammen mit der folgendem Statement gepostet:

„My friend and a longtime fan Mark stopped by my house to help me out with a few things and while he was here. He asked if I would sing for him one of his favorite songs from my 1978 solo record (‚Don’t You Let Me Down‘). So here I am singing live along with my solo record. He wanted to share his exciting moment with all of you other fans and asked if I could post it on my site for you to see. He was so excited he was shaking. Hope you all enjoy it as well. We did. It was fun!!!“

Ob er sich selbst mit dieser Veröffentlichung einen Gefallen tut? …