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Perfect Plan Sänger KENT HILLI mit 80ies AOR – ’Don’t Say It’s Forever’ Clip

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Der Perfect Plan Sänger KENT HILLI kündigt für den 18. Juni sein Solodebüt “The Rumble” an, bei dem es noch melodischer als bei seiner Hauptband zugeht. Dazu gibt es in der Single ’Don’t Say It’s Forever’ einen kräftig hörbaren 80er Rock Vibe, der den Melodic Rock pefekt macht und sich im Clip auch optisch wiederfindet.

Der Sänger erklärt:

„My goal with this album, musically, was to find a classic yet modern feel and sound and to differ a bit from what I’m known for with Perfect Plan. I also wanted to make a diverse album containing everything from rockers to ballads.  I am a huge fan of Giant, Foreigner, Survivor, Starship, Whitesnake, etc. and I wanted these influences to shine through as well as bringing my own sound and identity to the songs. Mike Palace had the exact same vision for the music and we have the exact same influences, so it was an immediate match made in heaven. Mike is a real genius and just a dream to work with. I also co-wrote with the great Alessandro Del Vecchio and Pete Alpenborg on two songs, with Mike on one song, and with my talented sister Tina on one song, which was really great fun. I am so very thankful and blessed to have had the chance to work with these talents,“