You are currently viewing PER WIBERG (Spiritual Beggars, ex-Opeth) – `Dead Sky Lullaby´ Solosingle veröffentlicht

PER WIBERG (Spiritual Beggars, ex-Opeth) – `Dead Sky Lullaby´ Solosingle veröffentlicht

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Der schwedische Multi-Instrumentalist und Spiritual Beggars Mitglied PER WIBERG stellt seine neue düster-proggige und ein wenig elektronische Single `Dead Sky Lullaby´ vor und kündigt sein neues Soloalbum „The Serpent’s Here“ für den 15. März an. Wiberg war auch bei Opeth und als Livemusiker unter anderem für Candlemass und Grand Magus aktiv.

Über den neuen Track gibt er zu Protokoll:

„I’d like to think Dead Sky Lullaby’s good traveling music, a kraut/space rock rager that boasts a Hawkwind-meets-Sonic Youth vibe with a big chorus in the vein of Killing Joke. It was recorded live in the studio, it shows and it definitely sets the tone for the rest of the album. It’s kinda divided in two parts with different type of choruses, the first part’s a bit wilder and the second has more of an epic melodic feel to it. It’s all tied together by the apocalyptic lyrics and a beat that could go on forever and ever and ever…., enjoy!“

Und über das Album sagt er:

“The music has a strong familiar identity I’d say. It’s heavy in its tone but this time a little braver, uptempo, loose, and ‘rock’n’roll’ compared to the previous two albums. Overall, this is the most epic sounding of my stuff so far. Things are more defined. I worked hard with lyrics and vocal arrangements this time.”