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PENTAGRAM – Thrasher stellen `Icons of Decay` Clip vor

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Chiles Thrash Outfit PENTAGRAM hat einen neuen Track ihres für den 26. April angekündigten Longplayers “Eternal Life Of Madness“ online gestellt. `Icons of Decay`, so der Titel des Songs, kommt als recht obskurer Videoclip.

Bandkopf Anton Reisenegger lässt uns über den Death Metal beeinflussten Song wissen:

‚Icons of Decay‘ is a bit of a departure for us, musically speaking. I think it stands out as the most different track on the album with its slight Death influence. Maybe it’s an indication of where the band will be headed next stylistically?

The lyrics deal with the dangers of gender ideology, of which I myself am very critical.

I think under the guise of compassion and understanding, many children are being deliberately misled and confused. Of course it’s all dressed in a very medieval, apocalyptic language, so it might give the impression I’m some kind of religious zealot, which of course I’m not. It’s just my way of putting current conflicts into an obscure poetic language.“



Trackliste “Eternal Life Of Madness“

1 El Imbunche

  1. Possessor
  2. Omniscient Tyrant
  3. The Portal
  4. Eternal Life Of Madness
  5. Icons Of Decay
  6. Devourer Of Life
  7. State Of Grace
  8. The Seeds Of The Deed
  9. Deus Est Machina
  10. No One Shall Survive