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PENTAGRAM – Chiles Thrash Veteranen schicken `Possessor` Video

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Bevor nächste Woche, am 26. April das neue Studioalbum “Eternal Life Of Madness“ erscheint, veröffentlichen die altgedienten Thrasher ihr Video zum simpel gestrickten Old School Song `Possessor`, dessen Riffing mächtig an Celtic Frost erinnert.

So sieht das auch der Mainman, Shouter und Gitarrist Anton Reisenegger:

“Possessor‘ has an obvious Celtic Frost reference, as they were always a main influence for us. But it also has all the Pentagram trademarks: the ’spider riffs‘, as Shane [Embury] calls them, the tone-semitone-tone-semitone scales, the abrupt rhythm changes, etc. And the lyrics deal with good old demoniac possessions. We’ve played this song live a few times already, and it went down a storm. We wanted to keep the video simple, just capturing the band playing on stage with no gimmicks, and I think it turned out great!“



Trackliste “Eternal Life Of Madness“:

  1. El Imbunche
  2. Possessor
  3. Omniscient Tyrant
  4. The Portal
  5. Eternal Life Of Madness
  6. Icons Of Decay
  7. Devourer Of Life
  8. State Of Grace
  9. The Seeds Of The Deed
  10. Deus Est Machina
  11. No One Shall Survive