You are currently viewing PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS (Spock’s Beard Mitglieder) – `Everdark Mountain’

PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS (Spock’s Beard Mitglieder) – `Everdark Mountain’

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Die Progressive Rocker mit Ted Leonard, Jimmy Keegan, Dave Meros (bass) und John Boegehold hat gerade ihr drittes Album “Only Passing Through” veröffentlicht und streamt davon den Track `Everdark Mountain’. Wenig Metal-lastig aber für Progster vielleicht genau das richtige Album.





Some lives are written in the stars

Mine was scribbled in the dust

Nature’s ink had been depleted

I’ve spent my days collecting scars

Dabbing paint to hide the rust

But it seems I’ve been defeated


Found the devil in my bones

Poisoning the fountain

From this moment I’ll walk alone

In the shadow of Everdark Mountain


My manifesto fooled the world

‘til the people found the light

In the words they once rejected

And in the chaos that unfurled

Ashes stoked would reignite

A result not unexpected