You are currently viewing PARADISE LOST – `Widow´ (2023 Re-recorded) im Visualizer vorgestellt

PARADISE LOST – `Widow´ (2023 Re-recorded) im Visualizer vorgestellt

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Zum 30. Geburtstag ihres ikonischen Erfolgsalbums präsentieren PARADISE LOST am 01. Dezember eine komplette Neuaufnahme der Scheibe unter dem Titel „ICON 30“. Als ersten Vorgeschmack gibt es die neue Version des Tracks `Widow´ für Euch.

Nick Holmes kommentiert:

„Thanks to everybody that has pre-ordered ICON 30 so far. We are now pleased to share with you this new version of Widow from the album. Looking back 30 years ago we seemed to perpetually be making music videos around the time we originally recorded ICON, one of the most memorable was the Widow video. As Health and safety didn’t seem to exist, and while it was definitely no fun for him, just watching Aaron hanging by his feet, suspended by rope whilst blasted with a high powered water canon was highly amusing at the time, and it’s funnier to think the prospect of making such a video nowadays would more than likely result in at least one of us ending up in A&E.“



You’re breaking a chain
Lying until you can erase the past
Born with a look of deceit
Praying that all the bitter guilt’s defeated

Stand on your own, killed from behind
Fools are blind, unwilling to accept decline…
You’ll turn a blind eye…

Bought by a sickening man
The weakened gather just as fast as they can
‚Whore‘ is what the people roar
From fear of rejection,
You’ll come back for more
Strong, don’t see that love has ceased
In the end, only death can release.

Stand on your own, killed from behind
Fools are blind, you’re on a lonely road…
You’re on a lonely road