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PALLBEARER – Doom Crew stellt `Where The Light Fades` Video vor

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PALLBEARER  aus Little Rock sind für ihren Doom mit leicht psychodelischen Einflüssen bekannt. Der ruhige neue Song `Where The Light Fades` führt diesen Stil weiter und stammt vom “Mind Burns Alive“ Longplayer, den die Band mit sechs Tracks am 24. Mai herausbringen wird. Das völlig unaufgeregte Video zur ersten Auskopplung seht ihr hier.






We are frozen here

Picking at wounds we will not let heal

Cannot face mistakes

Too many fears of what might be real

Something else to blame

Another day, still playing the clown

Cannot take the pain

Another day drawn a little further down

Ever in the shade

There is comfort here

It’s been so long

Rather hide away

Than face the day

When things could change

Maybe we could fly

But we never learned

To grow our wings

Maybe heaven’s waiting

But we will never know

From so far down

In the temple of twilight

The quiet home

Of temporary spaces

Where the light fades

And a stillness overtakes

I can hear a void calling me

From somewhere deep down below

Feel my head going under


Going under