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OSYRON – Melodisch & Heavy Prog-Symphonic Metal: ‘Viper Queen‘

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Die kanadische Symphonic Prog Metal Crew OSYRON begeht die Wiederveröffentlichung des 2017er Albums „Kingsbane“ mit dem neuen Video zu ‘Viper Queen‘. Natürlich kommt die Neuauflage der Scheibe, mit drei Bonussongs, remastert und remixt daher, um so den progressiven Symphonic Metal noch einmal anständig in Szene zu setzen und den aktuellen Drummer Cody Antsey einzuführen:

Cody Antsey:

„The world groans under the heavy burden these days which, according to our nature, should bring us all closer together. But it is precisely this feeling that is too often missing. In these times when the bands can’t get together when the fans can only experience the sweat and sound-filled nights in crowded venues in their memories; other ways of forwarding momentum have to be found. For this reason, we hope that all our fans – both old and new – can enjoy our updated and revitalized Deluxe Edition re-release of Kingsbane. We have big plans for our next record, and we absolutely cannot wait to get back to playing shows and writing together in the studio… Until then, stay safe, stay metal, and we hope to see you on the road someday soon!“


Titelfoto: Ara Shimoon