You are currently viewing ORPHANED LAND – `Ocean Land` (The Revelation) Video zur Albumveröffentlichung

ORPHANED LAND – `Ocean Land` (The Revelation) Video zur Albumveröffentlichung

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ORPHANED LAND hatten ihren Orchester Live Album “A Heaven You May Create (live)”, das heute erscheint, bereits mit dem  dem `Sapari` Video und `Birth Of The Three (The Unification)` angekündigt. Die Show fand zum 30jährigen Jubiläum der Band, mit großem Orchester 2021 in Tel Aviv statt. Zur Veröffentlichung der CD / DVD  erscheint heute dann auch das `Ocean Land` (The Revelation)  Video.



Lyrics “Ocean Land (The Revelation)


„Before eyes that are blind no more

A sight unseen that tears the soul

All we ever loved and known

Into mass graves is what we’re shown“

„We see an ocean once was land“

& So they come to understand

This place where man used to be born

Will be man’s water throne


„All that was magical, beautiful,

will be gone“

These measures call for divine intervention

„All the achievements of man,

one will stand all alone“

One the survives the final selection

„The sand in the hourglass,

moves so fast, slow the sand

And nothing that mankind has strived for

will be all in ocean land“


The rain will fall then

Filling the dried land


„Here are we servants three,

flesh and blood

Poor and weak,

hear thou speak of the flood“


It must be a sign

A massage from God’s hand