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ONI ft. Iggy Pop & Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God) – `Secrets´ Videosingle

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Das kanadische Progressive Metalcore/Modern Prog Projekt ONI hat sich für seine dritte Auskopplung des kommenden Longplayers äußert prominenter Unterstützung versichert. Der neue Track `Secrets´ beinhaltet Gastvocals von Punkikone Iggy Pop und Lamb Of God Frontmann Randy Blythe. Der Zweitling „Loathing Light“, produziert von Josh Wilbur (Megadeth, Avenged Sevenfold, Gojira) und Lamb Of God Gitarrist Mark Morton, der auch als Co-Songwriter tätig wurde, erscheint dann am 17. Juni.

Bandgründer und Mastermind Jack Oni erklärt:

“Iggy’s vocals are so iconic and instantly recognizable, his style is what we were after. But we figured, let’s see if we can get the man himself to check it out? He came down, we had some food and just chilled. And then he did his thing all over the song. He asked me for ideas about how to approach it, which was just crazy and cool. It all worked so well and came out sick.”

Und Randy Blyhte fügt hinzu:

„It was awesome to work with Jake again, and of course the usual suspects, my compatriots Mark Morton and Josh Wilbur – always a good time. But to be on a track and film a video with one of my biggest influences as frontman, the OG godfather of punk and living legend Iggy Pop? Completely priceless.”