You are currently viewing OMNIUM GATHERUM – `Lovelorn` Video zum Tourbeginn

OMNIUM GATHERUM – `Lovelorn` Video zum Tourbeginn

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Zu Beginn des Sommers haben OMNIUM GATHERUM ihre Gothlastige „Slasher“ EP veröffentlicht. Heute erscheint zum Track `Lovelorn` , um 19:00 CET, das entsprechende Video. Hören könnt ihr den Song natürlich bereits.

Growler Jukka Pelkonen erklärt:

“With Lovelorn one tale ends and another one begins. Despite we the fact that we will be touring to bring you guys music we love to be experienced live, our brains and spirits are summoning fresh meat from the highs and depths of the OG realm. New musical adventures await us all and we will be taking all of you on a high-speed ride to the streets fierce and unknown! „

Sein Gitarrist Markus Vanhala ergänzt:

““Lovelorn“ is gothic flirtatious death metal ballad, which closes the Slasher EP cycle being the last nail in this releases coffin before the autumnal burials. By an accident and giving a bit more emotional or atmospheric side of OG, it’s a great pathway to the soon starting European tour where we are heading together with Paradise Lost, Primordial and Harakiri For The Sky – festival tour called ‚Ultima Ratio‘, which we of course are looking forward to see all of you our great people. The video is filmed, edited, and visualized by our friend Janne Tamminen / Xarena from California. This time the project was quite special, as all band members weren’t even on the same continent, let alone nobody played at the same time. Back to the future and back indeed with Mr. Tamminen with his tricks and traps!“

OMNIUM GATHERUM sind übrigens in Kürze auch Live bei uns zu sehen und zwar bei der “Ultima Ratio Fest“  Tour mit Paradise Lost, Primordial und Harakiri For The Sky. Die Termine findet ihr hier.





Feel the coming day

One never went away

The only guest here to stay

Lay it out tonight

Show’em u are the kind

That makes it

Count tonight

And none can deny the gravity


How the sleepless talk

Continue to walk

Against the circle


Can u feel me and the night

So we see it is alright


Seems to be

The matters of the heart

We sometimes miss

And get lost to


Lay it out tonight

Make it count tonight

Love is loud tonight

And none will deny


Photo Credit: Terhi Ylimäinen