You are currently viewing OMEGA INFINITY – Derb und bedrohlich: `Iron Age` 360 Grad Video

OMEGA INFINITY – Derb und bedrohlich: `Iron Age` 360 Grad Video

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OMEGA INFINITY, nennen ihre derbe und bedrohliche Death, Black, Industrial Musik selbst “Void Metal“, ein Gefühl das man nachvollziehen kann beim Hören des neuen Tracks `Iron Age`, den die Band mit einem 360 Grad Video versehen hat. Das Album “The Anticurrent” erscheint dann am 24. Februar 2023.

Das Duo erzählt:

„And as the universe had pulled itself from chaos into order, the eternal dance of dust and matter cradling the formation of celestial bodies and myriads of galaxies, a cancer spreads out into the universe – a remnant of chaos, spawning and spreading like mold through supercusters everywhere. Like bones ripped from its own flesh, this force harvests resources to form weapons meant for destruction and demise. Wherever there is life, there is conflict. This is the birth of war – the birth of the new Iron Age!“




Lo! Forges of anger aflame

Molten dominance crafted beneath two moons

Prometheus’ parting gift, woefully perverted

Bring forth the searing sign of death


Thou shalt kill

Thou shalt kill


History carved into the skulls of brothers

Immersed in blood – thou shalt kill

Hammers fall and fall, again and again

Like tears from septic eyes


Thou shalt kill

Thou shalt kill


Relentlessly pumping machines

Harbinger of territorial madness

Bequested on man – crushed without mercy

Praise the renaissance of the new Iron Age