You are currently viewing Old School Crossover Thrash von ENFORCED – ‘Malignance‘

Old School Crossover Thrash von ENFORCED – ‘Malignance‘

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Old School Thrash mit hörbarer Hardcore Attitüde bieten ENFORCED auf ihrem ‘Malignance‘ Video und die Jungs aus Virginia machen mit ihrer Rohheit dabei verdammt viel Spaß.

Guitarist Will Wagstaff  über den Song:

“This song has an older Slayer type of vibe to me, maybe ‘Show No Mercy’/’Haunt the Chapel’ era. This is a pure crossover song, ala Exodus/early Testament/Slayer. We knew we wanted to keep it fast for most of the song and it ended up coming together organically during a practice.”

 Ihr neues Album “Kill Grid” steht im März an.