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ODDKO – Industrial Rocker streamen den ‘Siren Song‘ als Video

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Die in Los Angeles beheimateten Industrial Rocker / Metaller ODDKO rund um Mastermind Giovanni Bucci, melden sich nach ihrem Debüt „Digital Gods“ zurück.  Jetzt veröffentlichte Bucci mit seiner Band zum nahenden Fest der üppigen Geschenke seine Kritik an unserem Konsumverhalten in Form eines aufwendig Computergenerierten Videos zum melodischen Track ‘Siren Song‘.

Bucci erzählt über Song und Video:

„‚Siren Song‘ is an observation on how our consumerist society has tricked us into believing that accumulating a mass amount of products equates to a better life. We’ve been deceived by salespeople to believe that we must consistently buy new products – albeit these products often being produced to a subpar standard, henceforth forcing us into a cyclical system of repurchasing, which results in a large amount of it sitting in landfill, polluting our planet – to stay relevant within society. This leads to us overworking ourselves in order to indulge our materialistic habits, therefore, causing us to buy these products with not only our money, but with our life too.

The track’s title and theme is inspired by the Greek Mythology tale of Odysseus and the Sirens. This is a story in which a man falls under the beguiling spell of the Sirens, whose sole intention is to lure innocent sailors to their early graves for their own benefit. The Sirens represent distraction and deception; two tactics that eerily mirror those used in modern day commercialism.

Siren Song‘ is a criticism of consumerism, so releasing it on Black Friday, a day that’s arguably the epitome of consumerism, felt like a natural fit. After hearing this track, we hope some people ask themselves, “do I really need this? How many working hours of my life will it cost me?”. That simple line of questioning will surely help your pockets, your life and the environment. Humans are powerful; it’s time we push materialism out of the driver’s seat and take the wheel ourselves.“