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OCEANS OF SLUMBER – `Where Gods Fear To Speak´ Single ist da

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„Dark. Cinematic. Progressive. Extreme.“ Das ist seit jeher das Erfolgsrezept der US Metaller von OCEANS OF SLUMBER, die heute ihre brandneue Single `Where Gods Fear To Speak´ samt aufwendigem Video. Das sechste Studioalbum kommt dann im Laufe des Jahres auf den Markt.

Sängerin Cammie Gilbert-Beverly:

„I’ve always wanted to do death growls. ‚Where Gods Fear to Speak‘ presented the perfect opportunity. Mixing harsh vocals in with my cleans speaks to that tug of war between pleasure and pain, though there’s a freedom that comes with pushing my voice past its perceived breaking point“.

Und weiter:

„In the beginning it was a sudden realization that Shibari would perfectly fit the idea of the video, then all at once it became a reality, and I found myself with a very challenging artistry to try and bring to life. The art of Shibari has always intrigued me. A delicate balance between pleasure and pain, self control and surrender, art and taboo. It has a rawness and elegance that merged so well with the new single. So with that in mind, I threw myself into it, and after multiple recommendations was lead to the renowned @darknesshyde_rope; and with his guidance we quickly worked up to some advanced poses to make sure we could capture just the element the band was seeking for the new video. Through this experience I found a deep sense of relaxation and surrender, a weightlessness, yet a focused pressure that forced my mind to quiet relax and let go. It would be perfect for Where Gods Fear to Speak.“