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OCEANLORD – `Kingdom´ Single und Video der Doom Metaller online

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Die Doom Metaller aus Australien präsentieren Track und Clip zum Albumopener, Quasi-Titelsong und letzter Single vor Albumveröffentlichung: `Kingdom´. Das Debüt „Kingdom Cold“ der Doomer von Down Under wird dann am 26. Mai erscheinen.

Gitarrist und Sänger Peter Willmott sagt:

„We consider ‚Kingdom‘ to be our title track for the new album, which is plunging into a freezing realm where the dead lie dreaming. Crafted with unrelenting crushing riffs, this song was written about the hidden darkness of depression, and its vast power to control. Those who walk in the light of a clear mind will never know the might of the shadow. There is an overture of acceptance and even worship, an eternal paradox of living with pain. Will embracing the darkness draw us out or further in? The impossible throne lies in wait, will you kneel or rebel?“