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OCEANHOARSE – Streamen `Carved in Stone` Clip

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Finnlands Metaller OCEANHOARSE  streamen `Carved in Stone` als Clip,  die nächste Vorabauskopplung von ihrem “Heads Will Roll“ Album, das am 17.Februar herauskommt.

Gitarrist Ben Varon über `Carved in Stone`:

”Carved in Stone started with a melody written by my old guitar partner in Amoral, Silver Ots. I wanted to write music with him again after a decade-long break, so I asked him to send over any cool stuff he might have lying around. This melody made a big impression on me straight away, and I built a grandiose Oceanhoarse song around it. Lyrically the song is about how much of what we are, what we want and what we strive for is already within us either from since we are born, or from very early on in life.”