You are currently viewing OCEANHOARSE – `Killer & The Queen` Video mit neuer Besetzung

OCEANHOARSE – `Killer & The Queen` Video mit neuer Besetzung

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Nach einer recht kurzen Pause melden sich die finnischen Metaller OCEANHOARSE mit ihrer neuen Single und einem erneuerten neuen Line-Up zurück.  Das `Killer & The Queen` Video  zeigt nicht nur den neuen Mann am Bass, sondern vielleicht auch die  groovige Seite der Band.

Gitarrist Ben Varon erklärt:

“There was a lot of inner turmoil within the band around the release of our previous album ‚Heads Will Roll‘, which escalated with the exit of bassist Jyri Helko. I was also running pretty low motivation-wise, and needed a few months to take a breather and find the excitement for the music again. But it was soon clear to me, Joonas (Kosonen, vocals) and Oce (Oskari Niemi, drums) that we wanted to continue the band and still make music together. And I knew just the right guy to call for bass duties.”

Joonas Kosonen ergänzt zum neuen Track:

“Killer & the Queen showcases the more groovy side of the ‚Hoarse. Lyrically, the song is about those enemies very close to you. So close you can’t even see them coming. We’re super proud of this one, and we feel reborn after going through hellfire. A bit of dissonance sure makes art come alive!”