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NOVERIA – Heavy Power Prog Metal Outfit präsentiert `Descent‘

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Italiens Fünferpack NOVERIA mischt kraftvollen Heavy und Power Metal mit progressiven Songstrukturen. Der jetzt veröffentlichen sie, nach `Overlord`, den zweiten Song ihres bevorstehenden “The Gates of the Underworld“ Albums,  das alle möglichen Arten von Metalfans ansprechen sollte. Der Erscheinungstermin der Scheibe ist der 25. August, das Lyricvideo zu `Descent‘ findet ihr jetzt hier.




A desert in my mind

Hanging by a thread

I saw your fire burn so bright

You taught me how to cry

Witnessed my descent

Yeah you showed the way

I remember…


I tried so hard to belong in your world

The treacherous sanctuary

of “Take it easy, play it safe”

But I couldn’t forget my calling

In the back of my mind it still echoes:

To forget or to be forgotten


Lose myself in sound

I feel it in the air

What you will never, ever know


I’ll keep my sorrow and pain

Forge it into sound

I’ll keep my sorrow and pain

But you’ll never break me down


Looking back, I can see I always knew

Just how this thing would go

We were only delaying the step into the unknown

I can’t just leave it, I have to try

Give it everything I’ve got

While there’s still time


Breaking free

For better or for worse

I’ll take my chances

So hate me if you have to

(and) I don’t blame you

Because we both believed

That I’d be with you to the end