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NOTHGARD – ’Lightcrawler‘ Digital Single und Videoclip

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Die Epic Death Metaller NOTHGARD veröffentlichen heute ihre digitale Single ’Lightcrawler‘. Dazu passend das Video das ihr unten sehen könnt.

NOTHGARD Sänger und Gitarrist Dom R. Crey:

„To me, ‚Lightcrawler‘ is a bit more than just a single. The whole thing has slumbered in my brain for some time. I just needed the right trigger to put it into lyrics and music. For the listener, the ‚Lightcrawler‘ is just a metaphorical figure, but for me, it is a real being. It is an embodiment of people I met in my life. People who made me feel drained and sick.“



Die Single herunter laden, könnt ihr hier: