You are currently viewing NORTHTALE – ‚Only Human‘ Clip zur Albumankündigung

NORTHTALE – ‚Only Human‘ Clip zur Albumankündigung

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Den 12. November können sich Power Metal Fans schon mal im Kalender anstreichen, denn dann erscheint der NORTHTALE Longplayer “Eternal Flame”, mit Neusänger Guilherme Hirose aus Sao Paolo, mit dem schon einige Re-recordings veröffentlicht wurden. Zwölf Tracks werden eine Mischung aus klassischem Power Metal, Thrash Elementen und brasilianischen Einflüssen. Die erste Single ‚Only Human‘ ist als Lyricvideo zu sehen.

Gitarist Bill Hudson:

„The time has come! After almost two years of hard work, a lineup change and a global pandemic, we’re very happy to tell you we’re releasing our new album, “Eternal Flame”.
Our friends at Nuclear Blast have picked ‚Only Human‘ as the first single. A short, straight to the point Power Metal track packed with every element that makes up our music. Sonically, it’ll sound very familiar to the fans. Lyrically, it talks about the moment we’re living in, where power structures are starting to crumble and people are rising up to what they believe in, in search of evolution. But we also make mistakes, and that’s exactly what makes us human. We learn by trial and error and become wiser that way.
I know it sounds cliché, but this album is very superior to our debut. Also, I got some of my amazing friends to guest on it! I simply cannot wait to hear everyone’s reaction.