You are currently viewing Nordic Folkers NYTT LAND – ‘Blood of the North‘ Video

Nordic Folkers NYTT LAND – ‘Blood of the North‘ Video

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Das russische Nordic Folk Projekt NYTT LAND hat letzten Monat sein Album “Ritual“ herausgebracht und streamt als Erinnerung den Song ‘Blood of the North‘ als Video.

Die Band erzählt:

„Our new album is a big story, a long way – from the harsh, snowy fjords of ancient Scandinavia – to the endless expanses of the great Siberian taiga. Having chosen life in a small Siberian village, we are inspired by nature, its eternal, primordial life force. And this inspiration finds expression in our music. All our songs are, first of all, our personal experience, how we perceive reality around us. … “Ritual“ is the release of inner, primal energy through music, words, dances and images. This is what the world and the universe was born into. And we want to share our part of this energy with you.“



Titelfoto: Ronny Zeisberg